CROCO’s documentation and tutorials

  • PDF of model ‘s doc
  • PDF of tutorials


  • CROCO time stepping (Florian Lemarié) : PDF
  • CROCO NBQ time stepping (Francis Auclair, Laurent Debreu) : PDF
  • BioEBUS biogeochemical model (Elodie Gutknecht) : PDF
  • NPZD biogeochemical model (Hartmut Frenzel) : PDF
  • Sediment model (Meinte Blaas) : PDF

Tutorial configurations

(between a few 100Mo to 1.5Go)

Test cases
Regional cases

Training presentations


ROMSTOOLS benefits from several Matlab packages :

ROMSTOOLS uses also several dataset :

Others tools :

  • ARIANE : Ariane is a computational tool (Fortran 90/95) that is dedicated to the offline calculation of 3D streamlines and particles tracking
  • Ichtyop : A Lagrangian tool for simulating ichthyoplankton dynamics
  • ROMS_AGRIF v2.1 & ROMSTOOLS v2.1 User Guide PDF
  • PISCES biogeochemical model (Olivier Aumont; NEMO/ROMS) PDF
  • ROMS-1D vertical mixing (Pierrick Penven, v1.0) : PDF
  • ROMS_AGRIF capabilities (UCLA Report 2003) : PDF