Coastal and Regional Ocean COmmunity model

CROCO, Coastal and Regional Ocean COmmunity model

CROCO is a new oceanic modeling system built upon ROMS_AGRIF and the non-hydrostatic kernel of SNH (under testing), gradually including algorithms from MARS3D (sediments)  and HYCOM (vertical coordinates). An important objective for CROCO is to resolve very fine scales (especially in the coastal area), and their interactions with larger scales. It is the oceanic component of a complex coupled system including various components, e.g., atmosphere, surface waves, marine sediments, biogeochemistry and ecosystems.

CROCO Version 1.3.1 official release is now available in the Download section. A new version of CROCO_TOOLS accompany this release. CROCO will keep evolving and integrating new capabilities in the following years.

CROCO project: version 1.3.1


CROCO-Sud ( is a GdRI (International Consortium) that is part of the GdR (Research Group) CROCO.

This network will allow formalizing and strengthen the links between the French CROCO community and partners from the global South by formally integrating the latter in the community and by organizing workshops and training sessions, with an approach for structuring North-South and South-South collaborations. This will increase CROCO’s outreach, addressing issues relevant to sustainable science.

Structuring, training and support to new users, especially from the global south, has always been an important ambition for ROMS, as it is for CROCO. This IRD-supported project will carry this ambition further and fully integrate partners for the global south into the CROCO community (from both development and application poin of views).


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New release CROCO v1.3.1

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