User Meetings

User Meetings

CROCO User Meeting #2: Marseille, September 2023

The  2nd CROCO  User’s meeting, will be held on 13-15, September 2023 in Marseille, south of France. The main purpose of the meeting is to gather the CROCO community and foster interactions. Hence, we plan to have some presentations from the core developers about model development updates, keynotes from external speakers, but the meeting will focus on your contributions! Topics cover any activities with CROCO, applications as well as developments.



13-15 September 2023

Fort Ganteaume, 2 Bd Charles Livon, 13007 Marseille, France


Registration fees are 50 euros (lunch and conference dinner included)

Participants can submit an abstract for a poster or oral presentation or simply register to attend the meeting.

Registration is closed


Participants can submit an abstract for a poster or oral presentation by going to the “My Submission” page on the registration website: Abstract deadline is June 30.


  • Agnieszka Herman (Polish Academy of Sciences)

Agnieszka Herman is a physical oceanographer interested in sea ice, ocean dynamics, and ocean-atmosphere interactions, with particular emphasis on polar and subpolar regions. She has a long experience in numerical modelling of physical processes in the oceans, including wind wave modelling (spectral and phase-resolving models), discrete element modelling of sea ice (and granular materials in general), and hydrodynamic modelling. She’s the head of the Sea Ice Modelling Laboratory at the Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences, in Sopot, Poland. Her present projects are related to ocean mixed layer dynamics and sea ice processes in polynyas, and mechanisms if sea ice-waves interactions. 

  • Alvaro Peliz (University of Lisbon)

Alvaro Peliz is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, where he coordinates the MSc in Geophysical Sciences. He is also an affiliated senior researcher at IDL the Geophysics Research Unity of the University of Lisbon.He is a Physical Oceanographer interested in Ocean Circulation and Dynamics of the North Eastern Atlantic, Iberian Margins, and works on problems of slope currents, mesoscale eddies and jets, the Mediterranean Outflow and the Azores Current. He also collaborates frequently with ocean ecosystem researchers on plankton dispersal projects. He is a longterm ROMS user, from the earlier versions like SCRUM, ROMS, ROMS AGRIF and CROCO.

  • Knut Klingbeil (Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research)

Knut Klingbeil is a physicist working in the department of Physical Oceanography and Instrumentation. Within the cross-cutting activity “Modelling”. He’s the lead developer of the coastal ocean model GETM and co-developing the numerical models GOTMFABM and MOSSCO which are the backbone for many studies at IOW and at international partner institutions. His research interests are consistent numerical techniques for coastal ocean models, the coupling between hydrodynamics and the environment (e.g. waves, atmosphere, ice, sediment) and accurate online model analyses. In the framework of the new priority research focus on Shallow water processes and Transitions to the Baltic scale (STB) a two-way nested coupled GETM system for future high-resolution ecosystem simulations will be developed at IOW.

  • Matthias Münnich (ETH Zürich)



Informations about Fort Ganteaume :

General informations about Marseille :

Marseille public transportation :

To come to Fort Ganteaume by public transportation:

  • metro Vieux Port (15mn walk)
  • bus 82, 82S, 83 arrêt fort Saint-Nicolas (2mn walk)
  • tram T2 Canebière-Capucins (20mn walk)
  • tram T3 Cours Saint-Louis (20mn walk))


Here is an indicative list of hotels near the workshop:

  • Hôtel Hermès Marseille
  • Ibis budget Marseille vieux port
  • Residhôtel vieux port
  • Hôtel carré vieux port
  • Best Western Hôtel du Mucem
  • Residhome Marseille
  • Hôtel Maison Saint-Louis vieux port

It is strongly advised to book your accommodation in advance! At the workshop dates, Marseille will be one of the cities hosting the Rugby World Cup. There will be a lot of people in the city.


  • Rachid Benshila (CNRS/LEGOS)
  • Swen Jullien (Ifremer/LOPS)
  • Patrick Marchesiello (IRD/LEGOS)
  • Florian Lemarié (Inria/LJK)
  • Franck Dumas (Shom)
  • Gildas Cambon (IRD/LOPS)
  • Cristele Chevalier (IRD/MIO)
  • Nicolas Ducousso (Shom)
  • Camille Mazoyer (IRD/MIO)
  • Lionel Renault (IRD/LEGOS)

« C’est un port, l’un des plus beaux du bord des eaux. Il est illustre sur tous les parallèles. A tout instant du jour et de la nuit, des bateaux labourent pour lui au plus loin des mers. Il est l’un des grands seigneurs du large. Phare français, il balaye de sa lumière les cinq parties de la terre. Il s’appelle le port de Marseille. » Albert Londres, Marseille, Porte du Sud

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