CROCO Coastal and Regional Ocean COmmunity model


Coastal and Regional Ocean COmmunity model

CROCO is a new oceanic modeling system built upon ROMS_AGRIF and the non-hydrostatic kernel of SNH (under testing), gradually including algorithms from MARS3D (sediments)  and HYCOM (vertical coordinates). An important objective for CROCO is to resolve very fine scales (especially in the coastal area), and their interactions with larger scales. It is the oceanic component of a complex coupled system including various components, e.g., atmosphere, surface waves, marine sediments, biogeochemistry and ecosystems. Although it retains the latest ROMS_AGRIF capabilities, the present beta version is in development for new capabilities (e.g., non-hydrostatic kernel) and sees changes on daily basis. As such, it should be used with care until official release of CROCO Version 1.0.

CROCO project: alpha version (under development)


Because transition will occur within a projected period of 4 years, the present web site will keep its ROMS_AGRIF flavor for a while. The documentation will also gradually evolve to describe the code and model functionalities in more details …



New release of croco_tools with new tools in python (croco_pytools) and new tools for coupling (Coupling_tools)


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