CROCO project

CROCO is a new oceanic modeling system built upon ROMS_AGRIF and the non-hydrostatic kernel of SNH  gradually including algorithms from […]

ROMS_AGRIF project

  ROMS_AGRIF is based on the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS) and has benefited from developments made by the ROMS […]


All datasets (8.9G): DATASETS_CROCOTOOLS.tar.gz CARS2009 (7.7G): CARS2009.tar.gz COADS05 (103M): COADS05.tar.gz GOT99 (8.9M): GOT99.2.tar.gz m_map (126M): m_map1.4f.tar.gz QuickSCAT (43M): QuikSCAT_clim.tar.gz SeaWifs: […]